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Kathy Knight


Facility Trainer Instructor

Professional Lifetime


Over the half century of owning horses, I have seen a lot of things in the equine industry that are not in the horse's best interest. Removing force from the equation means a change to relationship-based horsemanship. All horses are different and their needs are different. Getting in tune with what they need and adjusting our feed regimes, farriery, living arrangements, companionship, physical rehabilitation, and training methods to help them achieve our goals with relaxation and trust is the way to achieve this.

As a professional, I help people get in tune with their own body movements, feelings and emotions that influence the horse to react appropriately to what we want to achieve. Less is more. Developing leadership qualities that both partners understand using focus and intention is the goal.

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Certifications and Education : Western Coaching Program, Kwantlan College – Carole Walton
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