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Mattie Cowherd


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I am an Equine Behavior Specialist, natural horsemanship instructor and trainer, equine hoof care practitioner and bodyworker, and holistic healer. I am based out of Durango, Colorado and am willing to travel. Currently, I regularly travel to central, eastern, and western Colorado and many parts of New Mexico. I am also available for phone consultations and can travel to other locations for clinics/lessons upon request.

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Certifications and Education : I earned Parelli Professional 3-Star Instructor and Horse Development Specialist titles (recommended for 4-Star by several instructors)

I was officially certified for 10 years as a Parelli Professional, and I taught/trained for ten years before that in natural horsemanship and classical equitation and hunter/jumpers. I studied first with an Olympic level rider, Bill (William) Robertson. Billy taught me the classical training of the American jumping system/team of the 1960's - he was mentored by George Morris and took George's place on the team when he left. Billy also was a avid horse trainer who studied directly with Ray Hunt and Buck Brannamun. My jump years with supplemented with lessons by Peter Pletcher and other great horsemen. When earning my certifications for Parelli, I trained directly with Pat and Linda Parelli; also Trevor Carter, Kristi Smith, John and Kathy Barr, Carol Coppinger, Dave Ellis, etc. and apprenticed for 5 years with Linda Green (retired 3-Star Instructor). I have also taken lessons with the late, great, Walter Zettl.

I am also a barefoot hoof care practitioner (15 years professionally) and bodyworker (6 years) - I studied with Pete Ramey and apprenticed under a local farrier for further support for hoof trimming. I have attained bodywork help and continued education with several practitioners including Regan Golob, Linda Green (who used April Battles methods), and Tallgrass Acupressure school. I took classes for Equine Massage and Equine Conformation, Nutrition, Behavior, and training in College and was 2/3rds the way through an Equine Bachelor of Equine Science when I started my Parelli Certification.

10 years as part of family owned business, Ouray Stables, which is a natural boarding facility my mother owns in Salida, CO
10 years teaching/training foundation and jumping foundation in Salida, CO
2 years Studying directly with Pat and Linda Parelli as a student, 3 years as a member of the Corporate Office (Sales, Events Team, Professionals Department)
1 year as Head of Horse Development at Atwood Ranch - I was in charge of horse development from foals to ranch horses
15 years total as a hoof care practitioner in the CO area
6 years as a hoof care practitioner/body worker in the Durango, CO area
3 years as Horse Trainer as Wildorado Warmbloods in Bayfield, CO - I am in charge of training and preparation for sales

I have had hands on training with Natural Saddles and Linda Parelli for saddle fitting
I am continually learning more in the areas of horse behavior, teaching, training, hoof care, bodywork, and saddle fitting

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